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Space in apartments and townhomes is precious. It can be difficult to find a place to fit everything while trying to make your space seem larger. Without a set spot for everything, clutter can easily take over and consume both your apartment and your life. Even with our spacious floor plans, without a strong organizational system, the more frustrated you will become with your home. Get inspired to start your own organizational journey with our simple tricks and tips to create the illusion of space and keep your home free of clutter.

Match The Furniture To The Walls

When furniture does not match the wall color, it is more likely to stand out in a room. By investing in furniture that is the same color as your walls, the furniture will seem to melt away, creating the illusion of more space. Be sure to place furniture against the walls and away from walkways for maximum space.

Invest in a Walk-In Closet

Walk in closets are hands-down one of the easiest way to create space in your home. They not only work as a room dedicated to storage, but they also can help you keep all of your clothing organized. Give all of your belongings a specific home in your closet and use clear shelves and boxes, so you can clearly see where things are and don’t have to make a mess when you’re looking for something specific. Utilizing every inch of vertical wall space (and investing in a step stool to help you reach the top) removes the need for dressers and other furniture that normally would take up extra space in the apartment. Thankfully, all of our apartments include walk in closets for your convenience!

Roll Away The Clutter

Floors might be the trickiest place to create space on. However, investing in rolling storage bins can be an excellent way to utilize the space underneath beds and dressers. To maximize space underneath your bed, try using bed risers! This will allow you to fit more storage bins underneath. Be sure that each bin has a specific purpose; giving yourself more space is essentially useless if you are not going to keep that space organized!

Draw The Eyes Upward

When everything in a room hangs low, the whole room feels small, cluttered, and depressed. Take advantage of every inch of your home by installing more shelves, especially in high places. By utilizing your walls, whether it’s a simple shelf for your bathroom toiletries or a floor to ceiling shelves for your books, you are benefiting from some of the most commonly unused space in a home. Utilizing this high space also brings the eyes upward and gives the illusion of extra height on the walls, making the room feel larger.

Furniture As Storage

Multi-functional furniture is the best option for freeing up space. Whether it is a mirror that hides spacious shelves, a wall mounted foldable desk, or an ottoman that doubles as a storage bin, there are many pieces of furniture that can serve multiple purposes, saving you space and money.

Build Good Habits to Reduce Clutter

Incorporating small changes into your daily routine can save you time trying to de-clutter in the long run. For example, instead of letting your mail stack up in a huge pile on your desk, sort the mail everyday over a trashcan. This way, you can easily dump the junk and file the remaining pieces of mail in a pocket-filing unit in your desk. To de-clutter your closet, try this trick: Have all of your hangers face the same direction. When you’ve worn the item on the hanger, put the hanger in the opposite direction. Then take a look every 3 months of what clothes are on the hangers facing the original direction. Chances are if you haven’t worn it in three months, you can live without it. Be sure to donate it to a friend, family member, or a local charity.

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