How to Make the Most of Your Apartment/Townhome’s Interior

The city of Rockville is the seat of Montgomery County. It’s a warm, vibrant place that happens to be Montgomery County’s largest incorporated city. It’s also adjacent to Washington, D.C., one of the world’s most important cities. Rockville is a place that looks like home and feels like home, so it’s no surprise that residents of Lerner Oxford Square love the location. They also love the residence itself, for all of its many comforts and benefits. All of this makes Oxford Square a popular place to settle down. Perhaps you’re already getting an image of your future home in your mind? We’ve got you covered! If you’re wonderinghow you might make the most of your apartment or townhome here,then we have just what you’re looking for!

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After a few days enjoying the amenities of Oxford Square and the comfort of your residence, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. At times, you might question whether you’ve moved into a resort!Well, tocomplementthat resort-like feel and space to yourhome, you’ll want to know your needs, understand your space, and maximize it as much as possible. Perhaps you’re an avid reader with an extensive private library. Install your tranquil reading stationbeside a bright window, letting in natural light and setting it apart from the rest of your living area. Clearly distinguishing spaces from one another is an easy way to make them larger. Even distinct spaces can double as multiple spaces, though. Consider, for example, installing a flip-top table in your reading area, or how your desk might be used as a dining table for after you’ve completed that enchanting chapter in your latest page-turner.

While it’s important to know your needs and to distinguish your spaces from one another based on these needs, that doesn’t quite mean squeezing unneeded items into every crevice of your home! It pays to be picky about the pieces you display in your home. Get all you can out of your space by making every piece count. Here’s a situation that calls for quality over quantity. So this means not necessarily filling every corner of your home. But when you do add pieces, make them tasteful and functional. Vertical pieces, such as floating shelves and tall bookshelves for storing your leather-bound tomes, are a great option since they draw the eyes higher, adding to your room’s spaciousness. Be sure to infuse your own personality into the details you choose!

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The tricks above are easy on space and utility. This next trick is easy on the eyes.One of your priorities when designing your home’s interior should be improving the visual continuity of your space. To pull this off, try avoiding gaudy and mismatched colors, which have the effect of closing in your space. Instead go for light, even tones, which give off an overall feeling of tranquility and space. Investing in vertical presentation here, too, has the added benefit of increasing visual unity. Keeping it airy and keeping it fun will keep you apartment or townhome’s interior visually appealing.

Many of tips above have to do with adding space to your place. For its part, Lerner Oxford Squareincludes homes with huge floorplans and abundant closet space. A home at Lerner Oxford Square means you’ll be living in an amenity-filled homewhich residents describe as “comfortable,” “very well maintained,” and simply,a “great place to live.”You’ll have the chance to call Rockville, with all its vitality and locational benefits, home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about Oxford Square and how you can get the most out your apartment or townhome here – we look forward to hearing from you!

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