8 Ways to See If Your Apartment Community Is Resident-Friendly

Resident friendly apartments are the types of places people love to call home. These are the communities that always try their absolute best to accommodate a wide range of resident wants and needs. They always offer excellent customer service because their employees tend to be exceedingly hospitable. Besides the intangible factors, such as friendly service, here are 8 ways to figure out if an apartment community is truly resident friendly…


1.Convenient Location

Some tenants will be inherently happy or unhappy wherever they live, but most of us appreciate our local conveniences. Apartments who care about their residents will at least make the most of their situation by learning their area and keeping a list of local recommendations handy. Newer or relocated complexes who are resident friendly will research various communities to see which areas offer the best grocery shopping, retail shopping, take out, schools, and local entertainment before choosing a location for their residential property.

2.Pet Friendly

It’s always nice when a rental community focuses on the health benefits of pets instead of the potential for property damages. One of the pitfalls to leasing is the reality that property managers don’t need to accept your pets. Therefore, it really speaks to the overall character of an apartment complex when they openly welcome your furry friends too.

3.Utilities Included

When searching for a new rental, always ask if any utilities are included in the rent. When your apartment community pays your gas or electric bill, you know you’re in good hands. This shows an apartment community cares enough to provide these extra conveniences, while saving you money!

4.Short Commuting is a Breeze

You call always tell when a rental community is resident friendly if they want their residents to know about their public transportation options. The closer the complex is to public transportation the better. Public transportation helps residents get to school or work, visit with friends, or make it to their doctor’s appointment. It’s also an affordable alternative to driving. Speaking of driving, it’s always great when an apartment community offers ample amounts of free parking. Some apartments make it horribly impossible to find good parking on a Friday night.

5.24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

An apartment community that offers 24 hour on site maintenance is advantageous to residents for many reasons. One of the best benefits is the added peace of mind. Residents can rest easy knowing they never need to scramble for a plumber who is going to charge them an arm and leg for their overnight emergency. That’s what your maintenance workers are for. Most times, they get paid to live on the premises so they’re readily available for residents’ needs.

6.In-Home Washer & Dryer

Some apartments don’t include their own in home laundry appliances. Others don’t even own their own on-site Laundromat. The ones that do are always a cut above the rest for many factors. However, residents never really appreciate easy access to washers and dryers until they’ve lived without. Apartment living is more convenient when you have a washer and dryer because you save hard earned money and precious time.

7.(1, 2, & 3-Bedroom Floor Plans)

Rather than limiting residents to one floor plan, resident friendly apartment complexes always give current and prospective residents a list of all their possible choices. People naturally equate their ability to explore their options with having a sense of control. Therefore, residents often feel a lot stronger and satisfied with their decisions when they’re presented with multiple choices. Residential properties are great when they give residents many apartment models to choose from.

8.Se HablaEspañol

Instead of expecting tenants to speak or understand one language, it’s always appreciated and well received when accommodations are made ahead of time. There are situations when it’s hard for everyone to speak the same language. Think about residents moving in with older family members who only speak Spanish for example. Apartment home communities are especially considerate of their residents when they make constant efforts to translate their communications rather than assuming everyone speaks English.

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